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(no subject)

6.16.06 | 0630:00


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spam: Want adjectival carnage

4.24.06 | 0937:00
mood: annoyedannoyed
soundstream: "she's lost control again"

Yes please.

I used to be deathly afraid of making a fool out of myself.

Now I'm doing it all the time.

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Focus: Part 1.

4.22.06 | 1938:00
mood: energeticenergetic
soundstream: "angel, angel, angel..."

Day one:

Markos Moulitsas is about as talkative and political-geeky as you would expect. Jerome is a bit more knowledgeable and focused, but not quite as passionate.

Things learned:
- Start small.
- Don't be afraid to make calamitous mistakes, particularly early on. See previous.
- Be focused and passionate about what you're committing to.
- Focus on the long term: great things take a long time to build.
- If there's something I want to do, and I get jittery at the last minute and depressive, I need to ignore it and do it.

This sounds like Motivational Speaking 101, but it's all new to me. Particularly right now.

Much of their speeches were basically extensions of the book, but I got a pre-release copy signed for myself and another one for my mom, who's still stuck in Sugar Land with nary a hope.

It was fun. It was new. It was about 20-25 people. 3 bookstores in Santa Barbara suddenly were sold out. I bought some CDs afterwards. I bought a 12-pack of coke and then forgot to put it in the car after putting it on the roof, succeeding in spilling it all over. I laughed it off.

I didn't used to laugh it off.

Small steps.

Things continue.

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4.15.06 | 2221:00
mood: bouncybouncy
soundstream: "carried away by a moonlight shadow (shadow)"

I think I'm still here.

Yay for pointless philosophizingishermah... ...ah. Yes. I think I like it.

America will boomerang from Fear of a Black Planet, a Youth Planet, and a Genderfuck Planet to the opposite horror: that of a lone man with a big gun-- the older,whiter, had-all-the-opportunities guy who now comes equipped with a bomb, no dates, and a pathological self-centered attitude.

Oh, we'll wish he's only been in the Crips! If only he'd been a drag queen, if only he'd just pierced his dick and gotten high on dope! Any of those scenes would have been preferable, a million times more humane.

We could understand a "counter-culture," but what are we suppose to do with a counter-human? We can't stand to look at the cult of alienated masculinity and wonder how we got here."

Yes, pleasant fun, glorious fun.

I'm happily irregular today, yay!

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Gone fishing...

4.13.06 | 1900:00
mood: apatheticapathetic
soundstream: "guess my loyalty's turned like my ankle"

My mind has decided that it needs to do some spring cleaning. As a result, I may or may not be around at any point soonish, depending on mental dustbusting capabilities.

I'm also going on vacation in a week and a half. Current plans look like Oregon. I won't be posting. I won't be thinking about anything but prettyness. It will be wonderful.

Strangely enough, now I start actually managing to let the universe settle itself out. Circles, you know.

If you need to get in touch with me, you know how. Please excuse odd or lack of response.

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(no subject)

4.8.06 | 1644:00
mood: awakeawake
soundstream: "to the nth degree"

We seem to already be at war with Iran.

Just noting helpfully (or helplessly, as the case may be).

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Movie night.

4.7.06 | 2334:00
mood: ditzyditzy
soundstream: "with fingernails that shine like justice"

Yay, a double bill of Ice Age and Slither for me. How ridiculously silly of me to indulge myself like that.

Ice Age was passable. Barely. It was... pretty dull, really. Colorful, dull, standard cartoonish love story.

Slither was... well, it suffered a bit from the Standard Horror Plot People Get Killed syndrome. However, it did have a decent supply of slime, tentacles, slugs, a couple of bits of inflation, one merging scene that was particularly peculiar... and the main star is Captain Reynolds from Firefly.

I do like the ironic dark humor, I do.

Worth it? Former, no. Latter, 50-50.

Still, was a different sort of night out than I've had in a while.

Had a couple of interesting ideas today, one kinda a story and one kinda a project. Not much hope for either of them, but I may try to pick things up later. Maybe.

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(no subject)

4.6.06 | 2215:00
soundstream: "zubie kwel. zubliksit nerb, fa nerb vozel"

Music video for "Suffer Well" in short:

Dave Gahan turns into Elvis, then Frank Zappa. Martin Gore crossdresses.

That's about all you really need to know.

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4.4.06 | 1818:00
mood: blahblah
soundstream: "just throwing it all away"

Real men use pink heatsinks.

I feel very bored, and completely unable to add anything interesting, creative, or evil right now. It's almost as if my moods were being stabilized.

Part of me is wanting to start posting random porn links again, might take that up shortly.

End of a discussion with the fiancee has concluded that we'll end up with a Mac mini probably in a monthish, depending on ambient conditions. It works out that way.

It's raining a lot for here, particularly here in April. Nearly 3 inches yesterday.

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(no subject)

4.3.06 | 2242:00
mood: boredbored
soundstream: ddr's "l'amour et la liberte"

With luck, you may be able to create a furry.

Not that I'm sure about the sanity or trustworthiness of someone who wanted to create a gold-goldfish.

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