Cerine's 2nd Spray (snow mix)

(t), just as pointless as (f) but with (y) thrown in

This Void for Rent
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Somewhere deep in the giant depths that is the uncommon Internet, you will find the lair of the secretive rubber skunk. Known for its voracious appetite for playing God, its inability to understand either common social structures or its own depression, and of course its incorrigible ability to meep, the rubber skunk lives its life in a multisexual way without regard for taste, sanity, or any conceivable connection with reality. Its ability to misunderstand other beings but convert them anyway with its rubbery spray is unparalleled in the squeakified animal kingdom.

The rubber skunk's most favorite food seems to be the brains of other beings, which it likes to suck out of them through their ears or, lacking that, whatever openings happen to be handy. It particularly seems to like other beings who have also long ago forgotten what reality is.

As for the sexual life of the rubber skunk... *ahem* It is probably best not to speak of such horrific things. But since this is a faux-nature documentary, we will show it to you anyway.

*meep* *Meep!* *meepmeep* *hisssssss* *whoosh* *MEEEEP!*
*Meep, meepmeep!* *kweh!* *kweh?* *er...meep!* *meepmeepmeep!*
*MEEP!* *beep, beep, beep* *MUAHAHAHA...er, meep.* *ptoing!*
*shredding sound* *pause* *chainsaw sound* *pause*

Hail David Attenborough. Hail Eris. Good morning!

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The following is an attempt to break a database, be too public, etc. etc. It's good, isn't it?

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